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Shilma™, the invisible mask - Product Features

Why is the Shilma mask so important?

Over half of communication is visual. Unlike other masks, the Shilma transparent masks allow us to see each other's face and facial expressions, without altering the human and natural aspect of communication. This is extremely important to the social interaction of people, including language understanding.

The Shilma mask is so transparent, almost invisible, providing natural, empathetic communication and eliminates barriers caused by wearing traditional masks.

How do I wear the Shilma mask?

The mask is available in many styles:

  • Shilma™ for sunglasses or eyeglasses;
  • Shilma™ with a special designed frame;
  • Shilma™ with elastic thread.

Check out our user manual and demo video on how to properly wear Shilma.

How to put on the Shilma mask in 5

Putting on the Shilma mask in 5 sec.

How cool is the Shilma mask?

When you wear the Shilma mask, it looks and feels like you are not wearing a mask at all. After all, it is the invisible mask.

Shilma masks are face recognition technology ready. So you don't need to take off your mask to unlock your phone with face recognition technology.

Does the Shilma mask provide as much protection as a traditional mask? Does it protect me against COVID-19?

Traditional masks are designed to block bodily fluids and particulate materials away from the wearer’s face. The Shilma mask serves the same functions as traditional masks and provides a full, anti-fog plastic barrier, which helps prevent particles or droplets from getting through.

The mask provides complete protection against the spread of germs by projecting the expired air downwards, to the ground, using technology based on the Coanda effect. Shilma works also as shield and protects you from touching your nose or mouth, the main pathways where infections enter the body.

Does the Shilma mask filter?

The Shilma mask is not the same as an N95/N99 respirator. Only N95/N99 respirators are designed to filter with a full seal when fit-tested and properly worn.

The Shilma mask is projecting the expired air away from other people.

Is the Shilma mask reusable?

Yes. The Shilma mask is designed for multiple uses up to one month.

Is it one size fits all?

One size will fit most face sizes and shapes. To be even more comfortable, the Shilma mask is produced in different sizes for men, women and children.

Do the masks fog up?

The mask's plastic body has an anti-fog coating that minimizes fogging when the wearer is speaking or breathing. By design, it does not steam the glasses.

Is the mask breathable?

The Shilma mask has a smart, patent-pending design optimized for comfort and breathability, while providing assured protection. No more foggy glasses, no more lack of air!

Is the mask latex-free?

Yes, the Shilma mask is latex-free.

How do I clean the mask?

The Shilma mask can be cleaned with normal facial cleaners and disinfectants.

Can the Shilma mask be recycled?

The Shilma's plastic body is made of a recyclable material, and can be recycled via standard recycling practices in your community and home.

Masks used in hospitals and medical institutions must be disposed according to local bio-hazard regulations.

The Shilma mask and frame

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Shilma 3D
Shilma 3D
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Shilma 3D
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Shilma 3D
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Shilma 3D
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