I fully recommend this ground-breaking product

Dr. Florentin Cretu, MD

As a medical professional I was acquainted with lots and lots of masks during the hospital hours. None fulfilled my wishes, nor were in any aspect remarkable.

That’s why I heralded with great joy the arrival of the Shilma-mask; it brought everything the others were missing:

  • lightweightness
  • always available due to its bond with the glasses
  • easy to wear, almost forgotten in 5’
  • no more foggy lenses
  • facial traits recognisable
  • and most important, efficient!

My wife and I shared the two weeks of quarantine she was submitted to, being positive to SARS Cov-2. Needless to say that in a couple of days she felt better and used just now and then the Shilma mask. Result: I tested negative after two weeks!

Thank you very much, I fully recommend this ground-breaking product, it will 100% fulfill your requirements!

Dr. Florentin Cretu, MD